December 2016:  Visit to PUCPR, Curitiba, Brazil

In december 2016, BigClin members visited the medical informatics dept of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná - PUCPR, in the research group of Prof. Claudia Moro.

A seminar was organized, gathering researchers from computer science, medical informatics and medecine. We presented rearch activities in the frame of the BigClin project:

  • Vincent Claveau, Biomedical NLP at IRISA
  • Natalia Grabar, Managing the complexity of medical texts
  • Guillaume Bouzillé, Big Data in Health: the example of CHU Rennes
Many common research avenues were identified and a long term collaboration is foreseen with the team of Prof. Moro.

October 2016: Kickoff

A seminar was organized in LTSI Rennes for the kickoff of BigClin. Many invited personalities presented their work and  about 30 participants attended.

9h00 - 9h30 : Welcome

9h30 - 9h45 : Opening and presentation of the project (15’) Marc Cuggia & Vincent Claveau

9h45-11h00 Guest presentations (each 20’+5’)

  • Frantz Thiessard / Diallo Gayo (ISPED/CHU de Bordeaux) - Title :Contribution of NLP techniques in three research projects

  • Bastien Rance (HEGP) - Title :Secondary use of data at HEGP: The new challenges of reusing clinical narratives.

  • Douglas Teodoro (SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) : Title: Making sense of text data: from enterprise to web content

11h15 - 11h30 : Pause

11h30 - 12h20 : Guest presentations (each 20’+5’)

  • Claudia Moro (University of Parana) : Exploiting PLN methods to identifying diagnosis and continue of care information from Brazilian Portuguese Clinical Narratives - System Evaluation and EHR integration

  • Pierre Antoine Gourraud (CHU and University of Nantes) : "Precision Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis: From research cohort datasets through EMR data, The MS Bioscreen application"

12h20 - 13h50 Lunch and discussion (70’)

13h50 - 14h30 (40’’): Demos and related scientific works

  • eHOP (Guillaume Bouzille)

14h30 - 15h15  Teams presentations (45’) :

10'+5'    Linkmedia (IRISA)            Vincent Claveau

10'+5'    STL (Lille)                   Natalia Grabar

10'+5'    Cidre (IRISA)               Yann Busnel / Emmanuelle

15h15 - 16h15 (75’’) Discussions of topics

  • Use cases and applications for research

  • Pre-requisite for data processing (de-identification, data protection and regulation, project organisation, IT)

  • Extraction, indexing, Machine learning methods and tools

  • Benchmarks/Evaluation/Challenges

  • PhD or MSD Students  exchange

16h15 - 16h30  Pause

16h30 - 17h45  (75’) Action plan, networking, collaborations, next scientific meetings

17h45 - 17h55  (10’) Wrap up and Cloture

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